Education is our focus. Since its creation in later part of 2008, Kid Launch has worked to provide and improve education worldwide
it to be a key tool for social and 533369_10151216262024488_1385949076_neconomic development. The Organization aims to contribute toward the building of a sustainable world where societies that value knowledge, promote peace, celebrate diversity and defend human rights may flourish.

Support a Child
The problems facing many countries in the developing world today are varied and at times seem overwhelming. But it is possible to make a difference to individual lives through child sponsorship.
As a small grass roots charity organization, it is possible for our volunteers and donor’s to meet most of the children and follow their progress closely. Your support for their school fees will transform not just a child’s life, but the lives and hopes of a whole family. We will keep you informed by email of how our work is progressing, including an annual report of your sponsored child’s progress.

Build a School
Kid launch continuously builds schools & Learning centers for various communities.  During the construction period, our volunteers from different countries help to assist the villagers who are working to complete the building. The time to complete learning center will depend on location, logistics & how large the Project is.

Summer Camp
During the many school holidays and public  holidays, we at Travel to Teach and try to arrange either summer camps for the local children to take part in where they can learn English in an informal way along with playing games, sports and other activities.

Want to get involved with Kid launch?

Kid Launch recognizes and values the vital role volunteers play in many varied areas of its work, and in pursuing our organizational aims and objectives.  Volunteers complement and support the work of paid staff, and bring a host of important qualities to the organization, including skills and expertise, life experience, and time and enthusiasm.  Kid Launch appreciates volunteering is a two-532820_10151216274609488_2073116062_nway process which benefits both the organization and volunteers and we are keen to encourage flexibility and choice for those who volunteer with us, and most importantly to emphasize that volunteering should, among other things, be fun!  Interested in volunteering in Thailand? Please learn our

Terms and Condition
Once you have sent us an email expressing interest in volunteering with Kid Launch, we will send you an application form or volunteers may download and attachment below. Your application will be taken into consideration only when your completed application form, cover letter CV are received.

Volunteers need to have all their documentation completed before they will be able to work. It is strenuously recommended that volunteers take out health insurance before they start work.

Once your application has been approved and you are assigned to a school, we expect that you will read at our Volunteer Survival Kit. With details of what to expect while you are volunteering with Kid Launch.

Due the Thai immigration, Kid Launch can only accept non-Thai applicants, who have a visa valid for 2 months or more.

Volunteers may only work in the area in which they are assigned by Kid Launch, although it will be possible for them to indicate their perferred area in the application form. If their application is successful, this will be taken into consideration during the post application procedure.

Administration fees :
Kid Launch will charge each successful applicant $100 for administration fees and for room and board.Volunteers are required to cover all their own transportation expenses.

The type of room and board will depend on the area in which volunteer is assigned and the length of time that they will spend there.

Note :
We do NOT provide new volunteers with VISA . If a volunteer wishes to continue their work after the specified period. Future arrangement can be made then.

Together we can enable people to achieve a more just and sustainable world in their school and communities, as well as more widely, in which power and resources are more fairly shared by all. You can support us in many ways or simply make a donation to the program.

100% of contributions go directly toward the children’s education.



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