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561274_10150958351434488_1931114136_nThe problems facing many countries in the developing world today are varied and at times seem overwhelming.

But it is possible to make a difference to individual lives through child sponsorship.

As a small grass roots charity organization, it is possible for our volunteers and donor’s to meet most of the children and follow their progress closely. Your support for their school fees will transform not just a child’s life, but the lives and hopes of a whole family. We will keep you informed by email of how our work is progressing, including an annual report of your sponsored child’s progress.

The Kid Launch Scholarship Program consists of two parts: a fund for Designated Scholarships and an Emergency Scholarship Fund. Kid Launch assures complete accountability of all donated funds.

Designated Scholarships of 20,000 baht per student are awarded to selected students, ages 15 to 17, for one to three years. These students are in the post-compulsory track of secondary education. With recommendations from teachers and administrative staff of the regional Department of Education, the Kid Launch Scholarship Committee identifies students who are completing their compulsory education and do not have the funds to complete high school (Matayom 4, 5 and 6).

Students are interviewed by members of the Scholarship committee, and selection of students is completed in consultation with specially appointed teachers at each of the selected high schools. Schools are selected in rural areas of northern and north west Thailand.

Funds are deposited with the student’s school account at the beginning of every semester, and managed by designated teachers. The progress of each scholarship recipient is carefully tracked and monitored by the Scholarship Committee members.

Emergency Scholarships are awarded to students on a needs basis to assist students who have emergency needs in completing the school year or who cannot afford to participate in enrichment programs such as computer literacy, sports, art or music. As with families all over the world, unexpected emergency situations do arise with families in the rural provinces of Thailand. Death or disability of one or both parents, illness, family crises such as desertion by the wage earner are unfortunately not uncommon. Without assistance, the children of these families may have to drop out of school. Once a child leaves formal education, the chances of her or him returning to school are severely diminished. As little as 500 baht may keep a child in school.540666_10150958352014488_1187395474_n

On behalf of the Kid Launch Board of Directors, the Kid Launch Scholarship Committee works with identified school boards to provide assistance in time of need, whether to high school students in the Designated Scholarship program or with children of all ages in the Emergency Scholarship Program. The members of this Committee are:

Donations to the Kid Launch Scholarship Program can be made through bank transfer directly into our bank account. Please see our donations page for information. A little money goes a very long way in providing education for a child’s future.

Sponsor a child today. Thank you in advance for making a difference to a child’s life.



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