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Since 2009, we have built a new school every two years in northern Thailand. Currently only about 60% of the impoverished hill tribe children can attend school due to a lack of access.  Explore our website to learn more about the schools and how you can help us build more!

Schools we’ve built


Our first three schools are located in Mae cheam district, northern Thailand.

Encouraged by the success of the first building project, Kid Launch’s goal is to continue fund-raising to build more schools in northern Thailand with our community partners.

Your contribution will make a difference.
Here are just few of the items your donation can provide:
$30,000 A new middle school for 220 students.581234_10150978779349488_497564055_n
$20,000 A new primary school for four class rooms.
$10,000 A wind machine for the whole village. ( Solar power wind generator )
$1,250   A Bio-Active reforming system for drinking water, will be useful  for the whole community.
$500      A desktop computer for school.
$300      Sport materials for all students.
$250      Art materials for art activities.
$100      A classroom door or a cabinet for classroom materials.
$50        Shutters for one window.
$40        A student desk & bench that seats 3-4 children.
$35        A teacher’s desk.
$30        A 30 kg. pail of interior paint.
$25        Anti-rust paint for all the metal doors and windows.
$10        2 kg of black slate paint for a classroom chalkboard.

Visit the photos page to see the construction process. And please consider helping us make a fourth school possible in 2016

Many thanks to the contributors of the school building project thus far. The villagers have expressed their gratitude and are very happy to know people abroad do care about them. If you are ever in the area, please stop by for a visit with the students and teachers and have a tour of the school.

Your total amount is : 100.00 (Currency: USD)