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Kid Launch is an empowerment and leadership-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, outreach and support to children in highly impoverished regions.  


Education is the best way to create opportunities for children – it starts with a school.

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Kid Launch is an empowerment and leadership-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, outreach and support to children in highly impoverished regions. We are building projects in communities that are proactive and highly involved in the project – the end result being that they assume control and remain committed to a self-sustained effort. Kid Launch merely provides a spark where one may not otherwise be found – the flame must ultimately burn with the children and the community which must support them and accept final responsibility for their success.

Our activities include:

Schoolhouse and facilities rehabilitation and/or construction
Initial handling of teachers, curriculum planning, and course structure

Communitywide vocational training and occupational education

Supplying of production multipliers where possible to enhance economic self-sufficiency given the basic long-term expenses of maintaining the program
Provision of educational materials and supplies

Provision of Thai and foreign volunteers


Integration of a child rights violation prevention training program

Follow-on counseling and support services
Individual scholarship programs
Dispensing of emergency aid and supplies


We will one day see a world in which every child has unlimited access to the world of knowledge through equal education opportunities, is able to maximize his or her capacity to aspire, and is free from poverty, slave labor, commercial prostitution, and all violations against the rights of the child. The ultimate goal of Kid Launch is to become irrelevant – to arrive at a time where its services are no longer needed.

About Us

The Kid Launch program was founded in the summer of 2008 in response to the widespread educational hurdle faced by thousands of children every year in one of the world’s poorest regions.  It is an effort to bring support where other programs have not yet reached or, in many cases, have thus far failed. Education is our children’s doorway to the world.  It is the hinge upon which their futures rest and their lives depend.  

Kid Launch is part of a collaborative effort to put children back in school and return hope where once it was lost.  For those that do not attend school, there are few remaining choices. Many children, male and female alike, will be forced to continue living well below the poverty line, join the country’s lucrative sex trade as prostitutes, or enter into various forms of slave labor.

The future of a child without education in Thailand is impoverished and subject to prostitution, slave labor and human trafficking.  Kid Launch is a Thailand-based program providing community education and outreach in support of children that may not otherwise have access to schooling.  The recipients of our services have sought out our help and are selected based on a variety of criteria. Specialists conduct community evaluations to determine the potential significance of our support and if future development can be sustained by the community subsequent to an initial effort.

Every attempt is made to ensure long-term sustainability through local empowerment and leadership development rather than oversight and management.

Who We Serve

We are working for the hill tribe communities and their children in Northern Thailand.  The Thai border in search of safety and economic opportunity, Most of the hill tribe people are agriculture and lives are in poor conditions. They are working hard but without any opportunities or access to a better life. Here, living and working conditions are harsh, local health care is denied, and integration into Thai society is rare. They seek education for their children as a way out of poverty and into opportunity. As have countless families around the globe before them, they seek a better future for future generations.

100% of your donations, energy, motication and creativity goes directly to improving the lives of children through the development of sustainable grassroots projects. 100% you.